Sekido (関戸)Today

This page is still under construction, but gotta love the matching outfits in the picture below of your's truly, my mother and my great grandfather - Tamezo Nakamura (Summer - 1970). Sekido was once a part of a village called Fujikawa-son (藤川村).


Tomb of the Nakamura Clan Note: The Kamon (family crest) on the stone is the Tachibana (mandarin flower).  It is located on a hillside in Sekido village in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture.




Tamezo and Hisao
This is a picture of Tamezo and his grandson Hisao (Uncle Hisa) taken in April 1970, when Hisa was 29 years old.
Tamezo Nakamura
This picture was taken when Tamezo was 82 years old.
Tsuna Nakamura
(Tamezu's wife)
(b. 2-7-1884 - d. 3-22-1935)
Tamezo Nakamura
(b. 12-25-1884 - d. 9-1-1972)