Kintaikyo Bridge and The Morifuji Clan

The Kintaikyo Bridge found in the city of Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture - is among the most famous in Japan and, one of the most beautiful in the world.

It was built in 1673 by the order of Iwakuni feudal lord Kikkawa and was used only by Samurai. Devasted by a flooding of the Nishiki River resulting from a typhoon in September 1950, it was rebuilt in 1953. 

Not a single nail was used in its construction and its span stretches 210 meters long, 5 meters wide across five wooden arch bridges.

The mountainous background of Kintaikyo includes Iwakuni-jo - a castle on the mountain top overlooking Kintaikyo - was built by Kikkawa Hiroie in 1608, but torn down in 1615. The current castle is an duplicate of the original that was recently re-erected.

Descendants of Samurai, our grandmother's family, The Morifuji Clan, has a proud history as master craftsmen. They have run the clan's Morifuji Daiku for many generations and the company still exists today near Kintaikyo. (see pictures)









The company is located a short distance from Kintaikyo Bridge and it is well known in family legacy that the Morifuji Clan were commissioned to help construct the Kintaikyo Bridge.  It is certain that our grandmother's brothers did help with rebuilding of the bridge in 1950.