Maruda (丸田) and Sekido (関戸)Pictures

Some miscellaneous photos of 4-generations of Nakamura family members.


Ojiichan Goichi





Obachan's House in SekidoObachan's House in Sekido & part of research team.



Hi-Ojiichan (Tamezo), moma and Tei

Hi-Ojiichan Tamezo as a young man

View from plot where Tanaka home once stood in Maruda

View from top of hill overlooking Maruda

New sign at entrance to Nakamura Ohaka in Sekido

Breathtaking view from Maruda.

Mr. Muraoka is one of the last remaining people (and last male) in the neighboring village of Mochigatao. Here, he is explaining what he knows of Samurai ties in his village and Maruda Village.

Mochigatao is another small village, located a 15-minute walk from Maruda. This village is also hidden, as can be seen in this picture.

Tanaka Tomb with a little door on the front, incscribed on the in inside of the door, it reads Tanaka (田中)

The Tanaka Ohaka overgrown with brush

Tanaka Tomb on left with view of the rest of the Ohaka.

Sayabo, Hitoshi, mom using charcoal to read inscription on a marker

Kojinsama to protect the house was brought from Maruda to Sekido and is now at Obachan's house.

Secret path leading from Maruda to the family Ohaka


Morifuji Family


Morifuji Daiku (carpenters) shop in Iwakuni

Morifuji Daiku Sign

Morifuji Kamon (family crest) - Also a Tachibana (Mandarin flower bud) - same as the Tanaka and Nakamura families

Entrance to the Morifuji Ohaka

Ancient Morifuji Family Tombstone

Closeup of the Morifuji Tombstone

Morifuji Oahaka Entrance








Ojiichan Goichi