DNA Testing in Japan

DNA as a means to genetically proving a relationship, has yet to take hold in Japan. Surnames for commoners were only adopted in the Meiji Era in about the 1880s, so there is a tremendous need for other means to determine relations.

One of the keys to determining whether this Nakamura family once went by the family name Tanaka is through DNA testing of those descendants of both Nakamuras and Tanakas.  Moreover, through DNA testing, it may be possible to establish whether this family belonged to the Taira (Heike) clan of the famed battle over 800 years ago.

So please check back again.  -or- contact us if you may be interested in participating in either the Tanaka or Namaura surname projects.

Meantime, please refer to the following webpage for more information on DNA testing and ordering a kit:  www.ftdna.com

Best regards,

T. A. Gordon (Nakamura)