Emigrating from Japan to Brazil/Brasil, the Philippines and/or Mexico

Nakamura family in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Seeking descendants of Fukutaro Nakamura. Tamezo Nakamura had a younger brother named Fukutaro Nakamura (中村 福太郎).

Fukutaro was born June 6, 1890 and at age 30 immigrated to Brasil in 1919 aboard the ship Sanuki-maru, which departed from Nagasaki, Japan on March 27, 1919 and arrived to Santos on May 20th, 1919.

Fukutaro was from the small village Sekido (関戸) which was historically part of Fujikawa-Son (藤川村) located near Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.

It is believed Fukutarou's wife was a sister to the president of the Ootake paper company (大竹紙業).

The ship was making its 234th trip to Brazil and arrived to Santos on May 20th, 1919.

Before emigrating, Fukutaro lived at the Nakamura residence in Sekido at:

696 Ooaza Sekido, Fujikawa-son, Kugagun, Yamaguchi-ken.

Fukutaro traveled with the Jisuke Nishimiya (西宮 治助) family, a neighboring family from Sekido that lived at:

424 Ooaza Sekido, Fujikawa-son, Kugagun, Yamaguchi-ken. When Jisuke emigrated, he was 24. His wife Sato was 21 and Jisuke's younger brother Takeo was 13. (they may have been Kazoedoshi, so their real ages were 23, 20 and 12, respectively)

Fukutaro's last known address in the 1920s / 1930s was: Rua Nossa Senhora da Lapa 435, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Picture taken March, 1933
Picture of Fukutaro Nakamura (中村 福太郎) and his family

(Left to Right)

Fukutaro Nakamura (福太郎 中村) and his wife

Kazuma             (一馬 中村) Nakamura (6)

Hideo                (秀男 中村) Nakamura (4)

Ayako                (あや子 中村) Nakamura-in mother's arms (2)

The man standing maybe a cousin from the Nishimiya family and from the same Japanese village called Sekido and who travelled with Fukutaro to Brazil.



Research help for researchers

If looking for cousins in Brazil from Yamaguchi Prefecture, I suggest contacting their local office:

Associacao Assistencial e Cultural Yamaguchi Ken do Brasil
Rua Pirapitingui, n 72, Liberdade – Sao Paulo – SP
Cep: 01525-000

Tel:         (11)3208-6074
Fax:        (11)3272-0580

There are also offices for other prefectures available. Here is a link to find them:


Also, if you speak Portuguese, there appears to be a good research room through the Japanese affiliate of Nikkei Newspaper:


The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) also has some information and will print copies of reports of family that moved overseas:


Although, the best starting point is the Japan Overseas Migration Center (JOMM - 海外移住資料館):